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It's rare to see so many tricky angles and fluid animation on Newgrounds, just a shame that you seem to have a real lack of influences so it just becomes a sort of degraded version of FLCL/Samurai Champloo which you are obviously a fan of. Why only copy anime, get your own unique point of view and make something great instead of just impressing people with slick animation. It'd be a waste of skills to not express anything of your own and use hokey dialogue like "In this city, nobody wins" which was so cringe-inducing that it almost seemed like a parody.

A Little Bland

It was too much like it was trying to be Jib Jab, only with horrible likeness (graphically and vocally) and less wit and catchiness. Still, as far as political satire goes here at Newgrounds I have to say it was decent, but considering how many people went into the production of it was pretty average and uninspired.

That likeness was awful though, I mean, I would never have guessed that was Bush, and he's not a hard guy to caricature. I would have guesssed Charlton Heston before George Bush.


I've read 'the Killing Joke', I don't think this was a very good representation of the story, because it leaves the main points out, like why he'd be wearing the red mask, and that there was waste in the water. I did like how you didn't just replicate the comic, even the director of 'Sin City' could get a few pointers from you in that respect.

The graphics were very ordinary and somewhat bland, and your own style wasn't shown, because the Joker was replicated from 'Batman: the Animated Series' and Batman looked pretty generic aswell. Gotham also looked very bland, but that first shot was okay.

The voice actors were awful, and I don't think 'the Mask of Phantasm' intro music is good for action.

I have a fairly strong bias when it comes to Batman, but I could still tell this was nothing special.

Oh, that run-cycle at the start was awesome.

Gus-Saldanha responds:

Geez thank God not all Batman fans who have posted reviews think like u. Thanx anyway.

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Well Done

Cool game. Very fun to play.


You really improved it sound-wise.
But, what I was really expecting from this is more interactivity. Like, more quotes from the show, like, when you click a character they say an entire line, and when you click the phone you hear one of the prank calls to Moe. I was going to suggest music but you did it, though I would have prefered the original theme.
I just think more sound clips from the show would be great.

Anyway, the graphics are awesome, good work.

TrueDarkness responds:

more sound clips indeed. I'm thinking about adding more sound clips in the soundboard, adding grandpa, clickable, adding more things to click on that play sounds, and much more. Glad you liked though! Thanks for the review and all the ideas! XD


That was awesome, man.
I really bad-ass idea. That was definatly one of my favorite Flash games.

gavD responds:

Cheers Matt-G, glad you liked it!

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