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Well Done

Cool game. Very fun to play.


You really improved it sound-wise.
But, what I was really expecting from this is more interactivity. Like, more quotes from the show, like, when you click a character they say an entire line, and when you click the phone you hear one of the prank calls to Moe. I was going to suggest music but you did it, though I would have prefered the original theme.
I just think more sound clips from the show would be great.

Anyway, the graphics are awesome, good work.

TrueDarkness responds:

more sound clips indeed. I'm thinking about adding more sound clips in the soundboard, adding grandpa, clickable, adding more things to click on that play sounds, and much more. Glad you liked though! Thanks for the review and all the ideas! XD


That was awesome, man.
I really bad-ass idea. That was definatly one of my favorite Flash games.

gavD responds:

Cheers Matt-G, glad you liked it!

Totally awesome!

10 for everything, that was awesome.
You have one of the coolest styles around,
keep it up.


I didn't really know what was going on to be honest but Pickleman is awesome and the graphics were cool.

Did you draw the pickleman graphics?

What the hell?

Why are all these nerds "flaming" this cartoon?!
Is was an original idea, it accually had some skill, so why do all these nerds give it a 0 for reasons like it's only fun for 10 seconds and that they hate spongebob? it's pathetic.

It was a good game man, the only problems were that the order you had to put it in was pretty wierd.


Why do people bother? is it that hard to make up your own charecters? wouldn't you fell more pride in making something that's your own? What's the point?

Why do you take advantage of sucsessfull charecters that are simple to draw?

Get your own ideas! Why tribute something on the net, I can see that you would tribute a person or something if they're dead, but your tributing a flash cartoon series? get a life!

Reverend-Ant responds:

Maybe because I would like to show some consideration to Weebl's work.
He spends his time making flash movies for you and me, and this is pretty much the only way of trying to pay him back.
And, I CAN and HAVE made my own characters, but unlike you, I try different things, I just decided I'd try something different.
So, why don't you get a life and stop caring so much about what others do.

awesome concept

It's so original, exept it needed a scoreboard and smoother head momement but it's an awesome concept.

I liked it

It was fun and all but i scoreboard would have made it a hell of alot better!
I saw this guy bag it and i had to do it:
Flash by Samm-E:
- none -

I hate morons like that that can't make flash cartoons but they site back in thier parents basments giving people bad reviews I'm sick of it.

Can i suggest some obviously improvment?
A score board, way longer, so you're trying to beat the highest score, an increase in difficulty, some music? ummmm. But i do like the game alot!


totally sweet

How did you make that, did you use a tutorial? I loved the graphics.
Good game!

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